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French Ovens are the easiest way to cook for a party,Gathering or just a great casserole

The French Oven was so named out of Patriotism by the French Company Le Creuset

(They are the leader in French Ovens) but cheaper and still good casseroles are made by Lodge Staub and other reliable  companies
Le Creuset French  Ovens are really well made with a double fired coating of beautiful colors of enamel. Every one of their ovens is  inspected for perfection dozens of times on their production line

(no there aren’t ANY seconds !) so you can buy a le Creuset  French Oven secure in the knowledge that you’ll get a perfect one ! The colors are constant throughout the range of all of their cookware to ensure that you have a matching set to decorate your kitchen.


Typical Comments from buyers :
“ This dutch oven is great. ” Charles J. McKenna  |  67 reviewers made a similar statement
“ You have to love cast iron cookware. ” E. Miller  |  69 reviewers made a similar statement

You will find that the difference in taste for even the cheapest meat is amazing.

(Admittedly my mother-in law used to use Filet steak in her casseroles !)

You find that putting a meal together and slow cooking in one of these french ovens is so easy that you’ll use it several times a week…  It really does improve the cooking.